BRZOWSKI Enmityville Album Release Party 8.26.17

Sometimes, when I go to a show with BRZOWSKI on the bill, I expect a dark and stormy night. Saturday wasn’t particularly dark or stormy, but for the sake of narrative I’ll roll with it.

It was a dark and stormy night at the Space Gallery. I had finished my shift at the hospital and had raced home to file paperwork and change before coming back into town. Walking up the street, I kept getting messages from a certain Kid Kai, asking where I was and how much longer it would take me to arrive.

I walked into Space to an interior that was dark with lighter lines tracing boxes on the wall. Combined with the lighting, I felt that I was almost in a trip “Tron” movie. Maybe I was still anxious, but the mood felt heavy like a cloud ready to burst. I grabbed a drink and set my white balance while listening to the moody music in the background.

I had missed the introduction, but I want to say that Quiet Entertainer had started us off. Lights from a projector beamed on their face as their beats floated through my ears and eyes. I don’t believe I’ve photographed anybody with a projected image on them, and it’s making me curious about how to utilize it in the future.

Myles stepped up next. Along with a couple of friends to accompany him, he laid out candles and set up shop. I wish I had better pictures of the set, but just watching them play in the darkness was entertaining and being forced to listen instead of see held me in the moment.

Stay on Mars hopped up as per usual. Watching him start to get his set down pat has been interesting, sometimes when I think I’ve been over saturated, he surprises me with something I hadn’t noticed before. I’d tell all you guys but maybe ya’ll should just watch all his performances for yourselves… On Greater Good, he pulled Kid Kai and Sarah Violette into the mix and it was amazing, honestly. I hadn’t seen Kai in awhile and watching her with Sarah was something I didn’t know I needed.

Spoken Nerd stepped up to the stage next and played his own unique sounds for us all. He was entertaining and humorous and I loved his set. Watching his piece with Ceschi was amazing, and fun and I don’t want to type it out because it will get stuck in my damn head again. And now it’s back so I guess being a big guy isn’t all that bad.

To everybody who decided not to watch Ceschi, I’m sorry for you. I’m relatively new to hip hop and everything is new and I feel severely uneducated but how have I never heard Ceschi before? That’s a damn crime honestly. He filled the room with his voice and listening to him perform acoustically was mind altering. The emotion and energy flowing from him will never be done justice by the photographs I grabbed that evening. Portland, you missed out.

The night became dark and stormy as BRZOWSKI with VINYL CAPE got onto the stage.  Maybe it’s because the first time I saw VINYL CAPE, it was October, but it just reminds me that fall is coming. Their sound, at times aggressive, comical, and haunting, always catches me off guard. Just when I think I’ve heard everything, BRZOWSKI blows my mind again, with his observations.

I was exhausted and barely remember the trip home, the Burger King I ate, and getting tucked into bed before being woken up for work at 6am the next morning. I was completely fried and I’m sure if it wasn’t for my awesome coworkers that day, I would’ve been done for. As it stands, it was all completely worth it.


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