Ward 6 Social Club 8.8.17

Yesterday was one hell of a ride. Zack and I started our days by realizing that not everything ever goes according to plan. When we finally packed up and reached our campground in Andover, MA, it was 7:30 and night was coming on fast.

Luckily, thanks to a few nights alone on the first leg of the tour down to Brooklyn, Zack was a pro at setting up the tent. I worked to get food on the table while also eyeing the clouds and our slightly moldy, slightly wet tent. After eating a quick camp meal consisting of potatoes and sausage, we made our way to the Ward 6 Social Club.

The club was situated on a dimly lit street in Lawrence, MA. At first, I was sure we had taken a really wrong turn, this felt really residential and our GPS was on the fritz. After a few tense moments we finally found it and parked down the street.

When we made our way indoors, I was instantly reminded of the Griffin Club in South Portland. The bar had a homey feel with local people and cheap beer ($1?!?). We met up with our group that consisted of Graphic Melee, Fellbane, and Murka before making our way down dimly lit stairs to the basement.

The basement was large and the walls were painted to resemble a watermelon; splashes of green or pink on the alternating background. There were a few people playing pool and entertaining themselves with small talk. We set up and got started.

Doc Pliffington greeted us in the basement. He is an interestering person. Larger than life, he has a charismatic smile and big ambitions for his Tuesday nights. His hope is to show the community that there is fun to be had in a safe space. He was friendly and set things off with a few of his tunes.

Not everynight is jam-packed. It is always important to remember this and to also not let this impact your performance. True to form, I was proud of our little group. We brought an action packed line-up and decimated the mic. I believe that it says a lot about a performer when they can bring it, regardless of the size of the audience.

I am proud of the showing that we made. Fellbane stepped out of his comfort zone and performed a few written tracks for what I believe may be the first time. Grabbing the wireless mic, he bounded up the stairs like a hyperactive wolf, telling everybody what they were missing out on. I’m actually pretty amazed by how far that mic travelled without any sort of feedback. I’m also impressed by how far Jake can run and freestyle at the same time, I know I would sound pathetic, wheezing and grunting after just half as many stairs.

Murka played a few new songs that featured some beats from our very own James Grant. He also played some oldies on some Peace Out Pat beats.

Graphic Melee really brought the house down with the first half of his new album “From Ashes”. Honestly if anybody has time to listen to his album, I really recommend it.

I may be partial, but Stay On Mars was an absolute joy to listen to as always. His vibes brought a whole different atmosphere to the night. I heard at least one new song that I haven’t heard before and I hope to hear it again on this tour (hint hint).

Overall, This wasn’t a bad start to my leg of the tour. It should have been on a Monday night.

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